Visit to National Gas Grid Control

Thursday October 12th. 2017

We have now received an invitation for up to 30 REA members to visit the
Control Centre at Warwick on Thursday 12th October to see and hear from the
grid controllers how the centre works. The visit will also include lunch.
The visit starts at 11.30am and finishes at 15.00pm.

Full details and an Application Form is here

Visit to Vintner's Company

Thursday 23rd. November 2017

The Livery Companies of the City of London can trace unbroken descent from
medieval trade guilds. Guilds were craft or trade societies which protected
consumers or employers against incompetence or fraud, by training sufficient
apprentices, and otherwise controlling their trade. They were also in the nature
of a friendly society, a co-operative, a trade union, and a trade association. The
Vintnersí Company was one of the earliest of these guilds and was formed by
merchants dealing in wine.

Full details and an Application Form is here

Christmas Lunch

Tuesday 5th December 2017

This will once again be at the Amba Hotel (formerly The Thistle, Marble Arch)

Full details and an Application Form is here